Murder In Palm Beach

Thank you for giving up your valuable time to check out my book. An updated Second Edition has now been published by Precipice Press.

My next novel is complete and awaiting publication, so be sure to bookmark my website so you can check back and read the first chapters of that book, as well.

While on my website, you might want to peruse my blog entries, as I continually sound off on three passions of mine: grammar, alternative health care, and sociopolitical issues. I try to be accurate with the facts, and fair and honest in my opinions, but the Grammar Grouch’s dyspepsia often rears its head in contrary treatment of the other subjects, as well.

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About the Author

I was born above a barber shop in Muskegon, Mich. My first memory goes back to age 2. Somehow, I had managed to slip away from my parents and toddle out to the staircase landing on the side of the building. Bob Brink, Staring balefully at me from the bottom was one of the barbers, a man with a full head of thick, dark hair.

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Author Bob Brink is giving away his book of short stories (no strings attached). Most of the stories in THE WAY IT WAS: Short Stories and Tall Tales are set in real life and several in fantasy, with a few whimsical poems thrown in for good measure. Ups and downs in the life of the single adult is a pervasive theme, and the compilation is redolent with nostalgia.

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