Here in southeast Florida, it’s hot, folks. Now, I’m a little weird: I love it. No AC during the day, 79 degrees at night, with a helicopter above my bed churning up a windstorm. I go dancing with a sweater on, while the gals in sleeveless attire are fanning themselves like mad.

But I realize I am an anomaly. Lots of folks in these parts head for the beaches, where they plunge into the cooling waters for respite from the relentless heat, and then plop onto comfy beach chairs or luxuriate on towels spread across the receptive sand while balmy breezes waft over their grateful skin. But alas, unless you have a lot of reflecting to do on life’s vicissitudes, reposing amidst the infinite span of beach and azure waters stretching to the the melding of sea and sky can become boring. You wish for something stimulating to occupy your mind — other than, of course, the shapely, bikini-clad beauty or the stud muffin strolling by. “Tall and tan and young and lovely …”

Wish no more. I give you this: Give, as in FREE. Click on it, jot down your name and email address, and download MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, a novel about a sensational 1976 murder that reveals, in the thin guise of fiction, who the real killer of a prominent Palm Beach citizen was, and the person behind the deed (I’ll shut up now; don’t want to give the plot away). It’s as easy as pie. I’m not talking about Pi R Squared; that’s a little complicated. This is a no-brainer. And did I mention? It’s FREE.

A caveat: Don’t get so engrossed in this mystery that you forget to slather on more sun tan lotion. Oh yeah, and take your eReader — Kindle or Nook, or iPad, or whatever kind of e-device you have for downloading books.

Happy reading.