What about Bob? Brink, that is. Yours truly.

This website is devoted to a shamelessly narcissistic reflection on the person whose life has followed what I hope you will see as a fascinatingly tortuous, and sometimes torturous, route to his current status as a blogger and author, with MURDER IN PALM BEACH the centerpiece. I say tortuous for several reasons, including the peripatetic path from my birthplace in Michigan to other Midwest locations, to Florida’s west coast, to my current, longtime residence in Southeast Florida. Over the decades, I occupied 45 residences in 24 towns and cities, plus a small farm. And, except for once, I did all of the moving by myself, with only one or two helpers. Oh, my aching back.

As the years of our lives roll by, the sum total of our experiences and contacts with others begets silent, imperceptible changes in us that we may become aware of in impromptu, unintended moments when our thoughts stray from the world around us and we enter the realm of quiet contemplation. Driving down the highway, cooking in the kitchen, enjoying a concert, lying awake in bed before drifting off – in times such as these, our minds often take a respite from the mundane, and we might discover the truths of our lives’ trajectories and our perspectives on human existence. Others cling to the rationales they learned in the environments under which they were reared, their emotions controlling thought and behavior, rendering their minds impervious to foreign ideas, which they dare not entertain. These folks survive, but, denied the exhilaration of emancipation and the enlightenment of discovering new truths, they do not truly live. Such stagnation is a prescription for aging.

I feel fortunate for insights that have evolved since my early adulthood, shaping me into the person I am today, flaws and all. My understanding of the world of politics and social phenomena, realities that greatly impact our physical existence, has progressed from a simplistic, black-and-white foundation to a realization of the grays, the complexities that inform the governance of human activity. Searching for a label that defines my core beliefs, I landed upon the term compassionate pragmatism. In the sphere of religion, decades of wrestling with the dogma I was taught never to question, and reading the ideas and revelations of scholars who dared to investigate cherished articles of faith, have granted me the slowly realized courage to challenge the doctrines and traditions that my parents and the church inculcated in me from birth as sacrosanct.

My experiences writing about health issues as a newspaperman opened my eyes to a fresh look at medical practices in the United States and, to some extent, the world, and led to my immersion in the opinions of alternative physicians and researchers. I thus have become a contrarian regarding mainstream medicine, questioning the inviolability of many long-held concepts propagated as truths.

writer throughout my career, I learned as a magazine editor to be more punctilious about the English language in written expression.

In the blog on this website, which is devoted to my novel MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, I offer my opinions and impart some of what I have learned and continue to discover about events in the three fields discussed above, namely sociopolitics, health care, and grammar. The parts of the blog are titled: The Pragmatic Pundit, Alternative Health Care, and The Grammar Grouch. In the space provided, you are invited to comment on these entries, offering your own assessments.

Murder In Palm Beach

Thank you for giving up your valuable time to check out my book. An updated Second Edition has now been published by Precipice Press.

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While on my website, you might want to peruse my blog entries, as I continually sound off on three passions of mine: grammar, alternative health care, and sociopolitical issues. I try to be accurate with the facts, and fair and honest in my opinions, but the Grammar Grouch’s dyspepsia often rears its head in contrary treatment of the other subjects, as well.

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